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3 Places Voice-Over Saves Your IT-Tech Support Services

“If I fix it, they will come!”  This is the belief of the technology service professional who thinks that just having the talent to fix all our IT issues is enough to collect and keep clients.  The truth is whether you’re a one-person operation or an entire squad of geeks, clear personal communication with your clients is one of biggest barriers to your success.  Unfortunately, it’s also one of the skills that are most lacking in this industry.  Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate this with professional voice overs.  There are three key places in the service cycle where voice-over can save your technology support services.

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Voice overs offer the structured communication you need to make your technology services a success.  Professional IT services such as support, coding, development, and testing can all benefit from this to easily and effectively connect with your clients.

A Human Introduction

Let’s face it, technology scares a lot of people, and the ones who fix it scare them even more.  Many see IT professionals as witch doctors who speak in strange voodoo languages to remove the curses from our possessed machines.  In order to bridge that language barrier you can use a voice over to create a more human introduction.  A simple audio introduction can help to put people at ease.  This audio can be added to a whiteboard video or explainer video.  It can be added to your website.  It can be included in your outgoing voicemail.  The key is that a professional voice over gives your potential clients consistency and clarity with the message of your services.  That goes a long way in showing your value and setting you apart from competing firms.

Setting Expectations

It's so important to manage expectations on a service call.  Tech support is not miracle work, and the communication barriers can create a strained interaction.  A voice over can set up the service call so your clients know exactly what to expect.  This narration helps to relieve the stress on the client from unknown or false expectations.  It will also relieve your stress in trying to explain what's possible. Voice overs create a personal experience that's so much more connected than a simple email or static page on your site.

Feels After Services

Feedback and referrals are two powerful tools that can drive your business forward. Feedback ensures your services improve and you’re giving clients what they need. Referrals are one of the best ways you can build your clientele. However, these two critical items are often skipped because the interaction can be too awkward. Voice overs can take care of this for you. The message coming from a voice over is much more personal that a simple email. It shows that you care about what the client thinks about their experience, and that will go a long way in keeping them your client and growing your business.

Ironically, the more technical the field, the more important it is to make an emotional  connection with your client. People often make decisions based on emotion and then justify them with the facts. Using professional voice overs help to create that connection for you.

There's no hard reset on a client’s first impression of you. Make it count by hiring a voice over talent for your marketing.

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