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3 Reasons Your Video Marketing Needs Voice Over

Video marketing has matured from a high-tech fad to an essential component of your company’s marketing strategy.  As one columnist noted, “Not having a video strategy for 2017 is like not having a digital strategy in 2000.”  Many articles suggest that all you really need are amateur, rough-cut videos highlighting the everyday aspects of your company using mediums such as Facebook Live, Snapchat, and Instagram Stories.

However, I would argue that you also need some quality video pieces. Not a lot, but a few featured videos are important, and to go with these showcase pieces you need professional voice overs. There are three critical goals your video marketing achieves when using voice overs.  Voice overs make your company: professional, dynamic, and competitive.

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1: Professional

If the only voice your clients or customers hear in your video marketing is rough audio, what do they think is the sound of your business?  If all they experience with your video marketing is amateur, will they associate that same quality with your product or service?  Being “real” is fine, but too much reality leaves you raw.

So your video marketing strategy has to have some professionalism to it.  This can be shown in a few showcase videos that you display throughout the year.  Even just one highlight reel or a year-in-review can be sufficient.  Adding a professional voice over to key marketing pieces demonstrates a polished and thoughtful presence.  That makes the official “sound” of your company a professional one.

2: Dynamic

In addition to professionalism, a quality video with voice over balances out the raw video so your company becomes much more comprehensive.  Adding voice overs to your video marketing balances with your more informal audio to display a dynamic company.

You now show a range of experience for your client or customer that includes being both approachable and competent. The informal videos make you approachable and real.  The professional videos make you competent and skillful.  The combination of these two mediums makes your company dynamic.

3: Competitive

A professional voice over in your video marketing sets you apart from your competition.  The simple truth is if you aren't doing this, your competitors will.  Yes, amateur video footage with raw audio for now is fine and shows that you're with the times.  However, as the technology becomes more  accessible and sophisticated you need to set yourself apart from your competition.

In order to stay competitive in the marketplace you need to include an exclusive component to your video marketing strategy.  One clear way that you can accomplish this is through professional voice overs.  Please provide your spontaneous live videos; consumers love to get a glimpse behind the scenes.  Yet also have a strategy for a few professional videos that provide professional audio with quality voice overs.  Nothing makes you more competitive than sounding better than your rivals.

At this point you may be thinking, “Of course that sounds good, but professional videos are expensive and including voice overs cost too much.”  That’s why I suggest only adding a few showcase videos per year, such as a highlight reel.  If you have the budget for more, that’s great.  Just take the time to hire a professional voice talent to give you the best reading with quality audio. It’s a marginal cost to stay professional, dynamic, and competitive.

Video marketing is here to stay.  It’s become the new standard to connect with your clients and customers.  Give them a voice they can trust to reflect the quality of your product or service.  As the old phrase goes, "It's not what you say, but how you say it."  Make sure to say it right with a professional voice over.

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