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7 Ways Your Real Estate Business Can Profit from Voice Overs

When people hear “voice overs” they usually think of movie trailers or animation. But the voice-over industry reaches far beyond Hollywood into many other areas. One sector that's catching onto the benefits of voice over is the real estate market. Here are seven ways your real estate business can profit from voice overs...

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1. Voice Overs Highlight Your Existing Materials

You probably already have quality images for your listings.  Perhaps you even have some videos.  Now you can use voice overs to tell the story behind the images.  With your slideshow presentations or showcase videos, the addition of a professional voice over adds a rich immersive experience for your potential buyers.  But aren’t just the images good enough?  Why do you even need a voice over?

2. Voice Overs Create the Emotional Story

Your images and videos are the visual story, but what do you want the buyer to feel or experience while looking at them?  With a professional voice over you can guide your prospects on an emotional journey through the images.  You can give them suggestions and highlight benefits to associate with the listing.  Any salesperson worth their commission knows that emotions are a key to closing the deal.  A quality voice over gives you control over those emotions.

3. Voice Overs Give Your Listings a Higher Value

Slideshows and even videos are commonplace now.  You need something to set your listings apart from the competition and give buyers a reason to stay.  A professional voice over gives a new dimension to your listings that sets them apart from everything else.

4. Voice Overs Set the Scene for New Visitors

Potential buyers can gloss over text and speed through still images, but a voice over gives you a captive audience. They want to know what they’ll hear next while taking in your images.  Odds are they’ll watch it multiple times which means they’re being sold their dream home again and again.

5. Voice Overs Sell for You in Open Houses and Showings

Have you ever had prospects fly by you in an open house or ignore you in showing?  If you’re lucky enough to get a crowd, how do you connect with them all?  By setting up your voice over presentation in an open house or showing they can enjoy an introduction and then experience the real thing.  You’d be amazed how many people will refuse to talk to someone but stop in their tracks to watch a video presentation.  With a professional voice over you can still talk to them without being intrusive.

6. Voice Overs Reinforce the Experience for Past Visitors

For buyers that have already visited your listings, a voice over reinforces their experience when they come to your listings again online. The repetition of a professional voice over reinforces the sales process for your prospects, and the more they hear your message the better the chances of a sale.

7. Voice Overs Give a Higher Value to Your Brand and Services

Adding a professional voice over to your listings highlights you as much as the listing.  It demonstrates a quality and attention to detail on a level beyond your competition.  This means professional voice overs can not only sell your listings faster but get you more listings in the future.

So you're ready to try adding voice overs to your listings. Take the time to hire a professional talent to give you the best reading with quality audio.  It’s a marginal cost for all of these benefits.  Your clients hired a pro to sell their house; hire a pro to sell your story.  A good voice over will sell your listing for you.  You have one chance to make that crucial first impression.  Give that impression a voice.

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