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Demo Production Begins

Production has finally begun on my first voice over commercial demo.  I researched and screened every demo producer in Los Angeles looking for the right fit, and I found it with Robin Armstrong.

In voice over, your first commercial demo is everything.  It's your main marketing tool that allows you to showcase your abilities to agents, producers, and clients.  Your demo is your resume, portfolio, greeting, introduction, and closing all wrapped up in a neat little one-minute package.

Therefore you must be highly selective how you want your demo produced to make the best first impression possible.  I chose Robin Armstrong for two main reasons.  First, he presented a collaborative vision for my demo.  I'm part of the process to help shape it into what I need for my career track.  Second, in the recording booth Robin didn't just direct me; he drew the best performances out of me.

If you want to get in touch with Robin for demo production, coaching, or workshops visit his website at  I’m thrilled to be working with him on producing my first commercial demo.  Looking forward to sharing the results with you very soon.

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