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Failure teaches you many things, the most important being how to not let it happen again that way.

After a recent personal deal fell through I learned a tremendous amount. Here are six small lessons that might have a big impact in your next transactions:

  1. Establish common ground with who you’re dealing with. Show we’re all in the same boat and have equal responsibility.

  2. Don’t allow patience to be confused as complacency. Use a relaxed pressure to keep the process moving.

  3. Recognize when external processes are interfering with results. Mitigate them by either calling them out or replacing them.  

  4. Set boundaries for the process. Be prepared to enforce those boundaries and be clear with consequences.

  5. Establish their current attitudes, expectations, and preconceptions of the process at the beginning. Make sure to explain yours as well. That way you’re all on the same page and in agreement from the start.

  6. Be clear about your commitment to the result. Show that it’s personal for you. Just don't take it personally.

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